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Eric Bergeron

Published on Monday, April 22, 2019





Websim Hockey 3 - League formats tailored to your needs

When WebSim Hockey was launched, back in 2009, each league had exactly 24 teams. A few years later, 12-team leagues were added as well.

WebSim 3 will let you play in leagues any size between 6 to 31 teams!

Expansion and league contraction: A dynamic process

With 12-team or 24-team league, every season, general managers and commissioners had to find new interim gm’s to take over the teams that had become available during the off-season. With WebSim 3, there will be a new step after the off-season where you will be able to change your league settings, including the ability to go through an expansion process or a league contraction.

This will give a lot of breathing room to the community and relieve it from the seasonal need to go through a hunt for new gms.

Expansion draft protection lists
When a league adds one or more teams through expansion, each general manager will prepare a protection list with specific rules to follow such as how many players to protect per position.

League contraction dispersal draft
When a league will go with a contraction process, every players from the teams removed from the league will become available to all remaining teams through a dispersal draft with customizable settings such as the draft order type, number of rounds, etc

New league settings

Number of conferences and divisions
Based on the number of teams in your league, you could chose to go with 1 or 2 conferences and between 1 and 3 divisions per conference.

Playoffs format
Decide how many teams will make it to the playoffs, and decide which format will be used to determine which teams are qualified.

Playing without finance rules limitations
You like leagues with all kinds of custom rules where finances are not as important? No worries, you can disable the finance limitations from your league with a simple league setting.

If you prefer realism, many rules must be forced with dynamic values in order to compare each gm’s performance with coherent data, and also to keep a well-balanced economy in the league.

Equalize coaches attributes
When enabled, every head coach will begin with equal attributes (80). The coach’s attributes evolution will then depend on the league evolution type (real or virtual).

Equalize city attributes
If enabled, cities will have equal attributes (80), but they will evolve over time if virtual city evolution is active.

Virtual evolution of city and coach attributes
You will now be allowed to disable the virtual evolution of coaches and cities etc

WebSim Editor mode : Full control over your leagues
Our brand new WebSim Editor mode will allow the a commissioner to change any league rule at any given time, including updating any player, coach or city attributes!

You wanted more freedom, you now have full control!

Contest: Win your TOP 10 package!
(value of $124.95)

To increase the buzz surrounding the unveiling of Websim 3, we invite you to participate in a very simple contest:

1) Like our NEW WebSim Hockey Facebook page (click here).
2) Identify at least 3 people who like hockey
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The draw will happen on May 15th!

The WebSim Hockey team,


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